How to store your wedding dress between collection from the store and the time comes to start alterations.

So over the last few months, a whole lot of our brides have rescheduled their weddings to some time in 2021 and even beyond. Moving your wedding date is bound to throw up lots of logistical issues not least, storing your wedding dress.

While lots of bridal shops will hold onto your dress for a short period of time, none, including Memories has the space to store them long term, so here are some handy tips that we offer to all of our Brides to Be, on how to keep your beautiful wedding dress, fresh as the day you collected it, until you start your alterations.

Firstly – sometimes your dress will arrive in a plastic pouch, if it has then take the dress out of the plastic and leave it in the gown bag.

Next – we always present our wedding dresses in a breathable fabric garment bag. Memories Branded Gown Bags available for sale via our online shop

A handy tip – keep your gown bag open a little at the top of zip ( or the bottom depending on the direction of your zipper ) . This will give your wedding dress some air to breathe.

Hanging your wedding dress. Hang your dress, still in it’s gown bag either inside a wardrobe, or off the back of a door. Somewhere high enough for it to hang straight.

If you can’t hang your dress – lie it across a bed. avoid boxing your dress if possible. This will crumple the fabric and could bend any boning in the bodice. Some fabrics can be very hard to steam if they have been crumpled for a long time.

Avoid natural light – this is the most important bit. Keep your dress away for natural light ( don’t stress about it being hung for a few days in daylight.) Long term exposure to direct sunlight can fade some colours. It can also turn any glue used to attached appliques or beading a yellowish colour. It doesn’t always happen but ain’t it better to be safe than sorry.

If you fancy trying your wedding dress on, it’s totally fine ( I wouldn’t be able to resist myself tbh ) just be sure to rehang the dress using the hang ties and not the dress straps or tulle or mesh or or whatever might be along the neckline of your dress. The hang ties are the little ribbons inside your dress, usually around the arm holes. Use these for rehanging as they will stop the fabrics from stretching over time.

Hang your wedding veil over the centre bar of a wooden hanger – this is a handy tip.

Remember – when the time comes to take your dress our of its hiding place and get cracking on your fittings, it will need to be pressed. Don’t panic, this is totally normal. Your tailor or seamstress will deal with all of that as they go.

Hopefully this helps and comments and feedback are welcome below.

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