The Markle Effect

Megan Markle and Prince Harry – tied the knot ( if you have been living under a rock – apologies for the spoiler )

The reaction to Megans bridal gown has been interesting – very chic, very simple, too simple? To my eye she looked stunning. The dress looked a tiny bit too big but I dare say – just like many other a bride to be – pre wedding nerves may have led to a touch of weight loss the week before the wedding.

Her second gown was very much a hit – with many people in her inner circle commenting that it was “very her”. It was very stylish and elegant and that’s for sure.

Usually when a wedding so built up by the media, happens – the impact on fhe bridal world is instant. Designers offer replica styles that reference the brides gown and our clients often want to try styles very similar to what she wore – this year though was different. Yes the Markle Gowns styles were created by our designers but in truth – Megans look was already available on the market as a current trend. Have a look at our Cabotine Metz and our Cabotine Begur and Amiens dresses to see what I mean.

Perhaps our bridal designers were onto something special when they created these looks and maybe Megan had a sneaky peak at our website before deciding on her own gown 😉

A toast to the happy couple and her beautiful gowns.

There is a princess in all of us 

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