Let’s Talk About Alma Novia

So we launched Alma Novia into Ireland earlier this summer and we are soooo in love with this designer. We are currently fighting over which dresses from the 2022 collection we should order. Their laces are so pretty and unusual, but their dreamy chiffon dresses are equally as stunning so we are in two minds as to which way to take it.

Should we order this one????

This is our most popular style from the designer, floaty chiffon skirts, stunning bodices, little sleeves, open backs and a lovely mixture of feminity and sexiness.

But I’m currently in love with their new lace dresses and just want all of them! They are super sexy and just hug the body in all the right places. A mixture of boho and chic elegance. Super flattering and crazy comfortable.

So basically, the tug of war continues. We’ll decide soon we promise and let you know. Send us your thoughts on our conundrum!

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